God is in control…

Psalm 2:1-  “Why do the nations plan rebellion? Why do people make their useless plots? Their kings revolt, their rulers plot against the Lord, and against the ruler that He chose.  Let us free ourselves from their rule, they say, let us throw off their control.  From His throne in heaven, the Lord laughs and mocks their feeble plans.  Then He warns them in anger and terrifies them with His fury.”

If you know me, you know I love to laugh.  My husband says that I laugh in my sleep and I do know that I have awakened myself,  giggling.  I also love how the dictionary describes laughter as “the vocal expulsion of air from the lungs that can range from a loud burst of sound to a series of quiet chuckles.” 

In Psalm 2, the world’s leaders and rulers gathered together.  With great fury and indignation, they shake their fists in the face of God and threaten to overthrow His rule! (vs 3)  What do you think was God’s response to their display of power and independence? He laughed.  Not the quiet sort of chuckle, but a cosmic guffaw, loud enough to shake the heavens! (vs. 4)  How absurd are the nations that are rejecting the God who created them!

The Believers Commentary says, “To place this Psalm in its proper setting, we must look ahead to the close of the Great Tribulation, immediately prior to the glorious return and reign of our Lord Jesus Christ.  At this time a vast federation of rulers and nations will unite in a passionate determination to prevent Christ from taking the reigns of world government.”

The psalmist asks, why would anyone enter into a hopeless conspiracy against God?  From God’s perspective, they are fools indeed who will not fall down and acknowledge His greatness.  Nothing can change the fact that God is in control.

After hearing the debates on CNN last night, and scanning the newspaper this morning, I have decided to take a big RED magic marker and over each discouraging headline write, GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

Nothing in His universe happens by chance or accident. For every effect there is a cause. God “worketh all things after the counsel of His own will: That we should be to the praise of His glory” (Ephesians 1:11-12)

I’ll say it again……GOD IS IN CONTROL.

6 thoughts on “God is in control…

  1. You know, I just re-read my comment to you, Nix_fly, and it sounds flippant, and I apologize! God led you here for a reason…..listen to Him and read the Bible. Get the YOU VERSION online (the Message is awesome) His peace is Unbelievable!! Come back soon! 🙂


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