a literal..super bowl…..

Ok, my friends.  Super Bowl is almost here….and here’s what I know about it.

It’s football.  There are two teams.  There are great commercials.  There is food.

That’s pretty much it.  So……………..with that in mind, I am sending you to another site for a great recipe!  Who doesn’t like a bowl of Chex Mix?  How about a bowl made of Chex Mix?   Here, my friends, is a different take on that at www.framedcooks.com


5 thoughts on “a literal..super bowl…..

  1. I LOVE IT!! And I can see that it’s made with that snack mix I love, the one with the pumpernickel melba toasts. Yummm

    btw did you see you have a hit from Chandigarh, India?? Never heard of it, but how cool is THAT??


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