shall I move my mirror to the kitchen?

Keeping your complexion healthy is one of the best ways to have good self-esteem.  But sometimes the chemicals in the products that you use on a day to day basis can eventually can cause problems with sensitive skin.

But you can save face!  (sorry … just had to say it)  There are simple yet sophisticated remedies that you can do at home that are easy, cheap and very effective.  By using some of these ingredients from your kitchen, you are actually using the core ingredients from some very pricey skincare products around!  The difference is you are using the product in its original form without the chemicals that need to be infused in it to give the product a shelf life.


Mash a ripe avocado and gently massage on undereye puffiness and dark circles.  While sitting, place a cold damp washcloth over closed eyes for about fifteen minutes.  Rinse off by pressing off with the cloth.  The oil in the avocado is a rich moisturizer and the cold cloth helps to de-puff.


Mash a ripe banana with enough honey to make a soft pulp.  Apply over face.  Rinse after fifteen minutes.  This is such a great firming mask.


Combine equal amounts of clove oil (a natural astringent), chamomile (to maintain skin pigment), and eucalyptus (decongest the skin).  Massage gently into the skin by making circular motion with the tips of your fingers and rinse.


Add some baking soda to your bath (about half a box).  It will soothe itching skin, irritation and sunburn.


Dip half a grapefruit in sugar and gently scrub over body.  Shower or bathe off.  (Don’t use this body scrub on sensitive areas or cuts!  Owie!)

There are sooo many other tips from the kitchen!  For example, how about mayonnaise into the hair before shampooing?  Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then shampoo thoroughly.  The oil and eggs in the mayonnaise make a highly concentrated and effective treatment for damaged hair.

Milk powder and water as a past can be used to gently clean your face.  The proteins in the milk make skin silky smooth.

There are endless uses for some things you might have in your kitchen!  Just be sure to do a simple ‘patch’ test on the inside of your arm to be sure you don’t have a nasty reaction…. I would rather my ‘reaction’ be on my wrist, than my face.

The bottom line is keep it simple.  God has given us a uniqueness and distinctive characteristics that help define us as women.  Stop looking for the worst in the mirror and see yourself through God’s eyes!  You are a daughter of the King!  Let’s take care of what He has given us and relax and let His love shine through us.



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5 responses to “shall I move my mirror to the kitchen?

  1. I see it’s time for me to head back out to Spa Sandi… The only problem with that avocado/banana treatment is that I’d be licking it.


  2. Love this! I am going to share these tips with my 16 yr old daughter. One tip that I have switched over to completely is the use of almond oil in place of lotion. Love it! Also, I used Jojoba oil on my chest while I received extensive radiation to the breast area–it was amazing! Very little skin tissue damage. Keep up the great job educating all of us on healthier choices!


  3. Excellent, Kim! I have a few other things that are pretty neat that I’ll share too. God bless with your healing!


  4. Dianne Tapp

    Skin irritations can be caused by pathogenic organisms and also some chemicals can cause skin irritation too. .,`**

    Please do go look at our favorite blog


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