the new naughty list….

  Mercy me… is quite the problemo finding  healthy food alternatives during the holidays.  I also know that staying on a healthy eating plan requires GREAT WILLPOWER……… but C’MON…,……’s pumpkin pie!!!  I love pumpkin pie!  Yeah, and there is a lot of other foods I love during the holidays that like to ‘stay with me’ until spring.  You know, the joy and merriment of a huge beehind?  Not too joyful, I say.

So…what’s a girl to do?  Don’t fret.  I found several ideas that just might help you NOT fall into the holiday food trap.

I found these good tips on……….

  • Keep up your regular physical activity and make sure to get in a good workout on the day of the party or event. NO excuses!
  • Be super-diligent on non-party days by sticking closely to your eating plan.
  • Eat a small, nutritious snack before leaving for the party. This helps to take the edge off of your appetite and gives you willpower to resist hors d’oeuvres, saving your calories for the meal.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish, one you know you can enjoy without lots of extra calories.
  • Buy yourself a fabulous holiday outfit that makes you look great and celebrates your recent weight loss. Basic solid colors with clean lines are the most flattering.
  • Ladies, carry a clutch handbag that will keep one hand occupied, reducing the urge to nibble.
  • Ladies and gents, wear a comfortable yet tight outfit that will not allow you to overindulge.
  • Watch your alcohol calories — they add up fast. Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-calorie beverages such as sparkling water.
  • Look over all the food offerings before you decide what you are going to eat. If there are foods that you love but know are decadently rich, just sample a tasting portion.
  • Use a smaller plate (the dessert plate is good). This tip can help you reduce the total amount you eat as long as you don’t go back for seconds.
  • Eat slowly and savor every bite.
  • Don’t linger around the food table! Move to another location that is less tempting.
  • Always sit down while you eat.
  • Portion control and moderation are the keys to success.

This year, start a tradition on the morning of each holiday. Get the whole clan up early for a bike ride or walk in the woods before you sit down to that scrumptious meal and day of football games. And remember, social gatherings during the holidays are a time to embrace and give thanks for our family and friends. Spend less time focused on food and more time enjoying the camaraderie of your loved ones.

And if you decide to totally disregard your eating plan, well, that’s fine for ONE special occasion! Just brush yourself off the next morning and get right back into your exercise and healthy eating routine.

Remember: Holiday time does not need to be synonymous with weight gain. Make this your year not to gain those few extra pounds that you adamantly proclaim to lose on New Year’s Day.

2 thoughts on “the new naughty list….

  1. Peggy

    You are NO fun…..If Santa reads this you will not be getting anything under the tree. I say ‘go for it’. You have all next year to torture yourself. Here’s my theory.
    Eat, drink and be merry (especially be merry) and on Jan 1 when you look in the mirror (nude if you have the nerve) you will be so mad you will work twice as hard as you did this year. I bet it will work and you will have a great holiday season.
    Merry Christmas


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