the elephant in the room?

Ok….let’s just say it…..I know we’ve been trying to avoid the “elephant in the room”….

But it’s time to admit it……

Yes, the girls at Mike’s gym are ripped.  They are strong…and they are everywhere.

I came waddling into the program and just hoped to have a teensy bit of their muscle….and this is what has happened in the last two weeks……

   Hooray!!!  Something is working!  Mike has me lunging, walking, sweating and finally I am starting to see a difference!

We had our christmas party last night and it was time to dress up.  I knew things were good when I got a ‘whistle’ from my hubby!

But it’s not over!!!  Nope, that fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so there are more days/weeks/months ahead of us.  I will continue from time to time, to post my progress.

Hooray!!!  Thanks, Mikey!!  It’s working!!!

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