cheaters never EVER win….

Ohhh…..don’t cheat around Michael.  In fact…do exactly as you are told or there will be consequences….

Remember we went to the italian restaurant?  Yeah…..that wasn’t so good…for me.  When I showed up for workout, I was told to immediately get on the treadmill.  This time we went all the way………..Yep.  15% incline, and 3.0 mph…..30 minutes.

So you are saying, “Well, 30 minutes isn’t too bad!”  And you are right.  Thirty minutes isn’t bad UNLESS you still have an hour workout ahead of you!!!!  My legs were BURNING!!!

  And I love how he waits until all the other clients have left and then he looks at me and says, “Well, I hope you are ready!”

Eeeeeeeeekk!!  Help!  Somebody!!!!!

So, since I had burning legs and a childs attitude, we started off easy.  (Ok, HE says we started off easy)…

Let’s begin by swinging (or for my southern friends/family) swangin’ the kettlebell.  Oddly enough, he let me use the 10lbs and not the heavier ones.  Well, thank you, Mr. Trainer Man!

Wait for it……’s swangin’ back in front right about NOW!

See??  We did these forEVER, and then switched to lunges…..

I’m holding it in front of me like a cute little handbag……in fact, my cute little handbag weighs about the same….(note to self: clean out cute little handbag)

THEN he decides to grab the 2″, 40lb rope for me to swang…

My arms are already burning so I gave him the stink-eye.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.  Because after I finished with that little exercise, he decided to take it up a notch….

Seriously, Mike???

Yes, seriously, Sandi.  So we did more of that and the stink-eye was gone.  Oh, my peeps, I can’t even remember all the things that he did to me…but the final kicker???

Normally this is NOT the angle that I would want anyone to see, but you have to understand what he did.

He turned the treadmill OFF, told me to put my chest to the bar and run……in other words, make the belt move……..and run FAST….

Sure, I did it…..about a zillion times, bouncing between that and the ARC………so, then there was this….

Yep…..almost heaved right then and there…….(I love that he took a picture of this…)  Later last night I was SOOOO hungry!!  I texted Mike and he told me that my metabolism was on FIRE!  (that’s a good thing)  “NO FOOD!” he said, and told me to get over it and go to sleep.  So I did.

So all in all, it was the hardest workout that I have ever done in my life….and I finished.  

Getting closer to the goal………..

4 thoughts on “cheaters never EVER win….

  1. I stand by my initial impression of Mikey: In the words of Taylor Swift, “Why’s he got to be so MEAN?

    Perhaps it has something to do with the stink eye he keeps getting… ??


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