what day are we on?

What is this?  Day 5?  I’ve totally lost track.

It’s been an uneventful day……..well, uneventful after my workout!  Let’s talk about the workout for a second….

First I had to step up on this with kettlebells lifted over my head at least 82 times…….(maybe 25 but it felt like 82)

  I think I got winded on number 6….I mean, seriously…..who has random tractor tires in their club?  Obviously, Mike.

Then I had to get on this contraption.  I believe it is so irritating that it doesn’t even have a name.  It’s like an eliptical on steroids….ugh…  I’ve looked into it’s frame, and it is pure evil…

Later we did a little “biking”……..doesn’t that sound nice?

This is no stroll in the park.  Again, who has a bicycle at home that has moving handlebars?  Has the world gone mad?

  The upswing is that it blows air on your face as you pedal/pushthestupidhandles…..

And I need air.  Plenty of air.  I walked IN this morning with a hot flash……but I waited until everyone was gone before I started opening up doors and letting the 45 degree air come in.  Aaaaahhhh….that’s more like it.

So after workout, I had the grandbabies come over to make cupcakes.  What I didn’t realize was that I had the grandbabies come over to make a MESS!!!  I didn’t even get to take pictures because I was cleaning, wiping, kissing, saying, “use your inside voice” and other Nani things.

But I was left with a great little letter….no, it wasn’t addressed to me, but it was addressed to God.  This was written by Sofia…

 For those that find it hard to read a 6 year olds writing…it says:

“Thank you God for all you’ve given me.  I’m sorry that you died.  Have a wonderful day on Christmas.  I love you God. “

Now, how can I complain about a workout and a mess in the kitchen after seeing that???

Yep……I’m am one lucky lady….

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