DAY 5….finally, i can chew…

GIMME A WOOOO to the HOOOOO!!!!  I am finally able to chew!!!  What a glorious Monday!

Seriously……..angels were singing……..

I got my NEW food plan and it is sooo very do-able!  I am not going to print it out because YOU need to contact Michael for your OWN consultation and workout plan. He can work with you WHEREVER you are!!

But I will say that it is an excellent plan and something that I can easily follow.

…Understand something…… training is harder than the others.  The “others” aren’t swimming in menopause and getting hot flashes….

 (yeah, that is a self-portrait).

ANYWHO….I decided to go to Walgreens to find a fan…a clip on fan that I could clip on the treadmill so I don’t melt or vanish….Now, CHRISTMAS time is NOT the time of year when the fans are out.  Evidently, I am unusual (can you believe it?) and am the only one wanting fans and water spray bottles.  But the Walgreens man in the blue shirt said he would check the stock room.

When I told him about my dilemma, I used a lot of hand gestures and pretended to have the vapors……Oh wait….for the younger crowd, “the vapors” is something my grandmother would say.  I think it involves a lady with her eye’s closed and the back of her hand resting gently on her forehead (like she’s about to faint) and it is usually on a really cool couch………you have my permission to use vapors in a sentence today.

Ok, that was a lot of drama………bottom line?  Got the fan and extension cord and didn’t mind the workout with air blowing in my face.  Yep, it was still hard, but the air-flow did make it better.

Made it to the gym to do my new 60 minute treadmill climb and wondered why I didn’t bring an iPod.  Can you imagine one full hour of hearing myself breathe and my feet slapping the revolving belt?  What a goof….tomorrow, iPod for sure…

So, I had great meals today and think this could be great… least today it seems great.  I have to eat the same thing for one full week.  But, at least it’s tasty.

It’s not like I’m a freakin’  rock star competing in a bikini competition in March!  GO MARRIAM!!!! 



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2 responses to “DAY 5….finally, i can chew…

  1. An added bonus to having a fan on your treadmill – you can pretend you’re doing a photo shoot, and the fan is blowing your hair all “Farrah Fawcett” breezy-like. You can toss your hair from side to side… yeah, WORK IT, gurrl…

    I hope 60 mins on that iPod-less treadmill doesn’t vaporize you…


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