day 4…blaaah..

Ok, let’s get real.  I’m so over this challenge….(in my head).  It’s boring and I’m losing all my energy.

I did, however, go on a 5 mile walk in the morning and that was nice, but that little shake for breakfast doesn’t hold you like….say, oatmeal….or a really large steak with fries, refried beans, salsa and a flour tortilla……  just sayin’.

So by the end of the walk, I was soo ready for SOMETHING OTHER THAN A SHAKE!

I was supposed to be looking for “hills” to climb….but I didn’t look too hard.  Let’s just assume that there were none.  I did see this hill, it is a side view, at the Biltmore….

 Although it doesn’t quite seem very challenging now does it?

After my walk, I cleaned up (dropped the exfoliation level down to a 2) and my son and I did some more walking in the mall.  He needed help with his Christmas list and I was more than happy to shop.

Then I get this recipe in my inbox for Slutty Brownies!  Gasp!!!  They are called that because they are “oh so easy and a little bit filthy”!  And, no….I know what you are thinking.  I didn’t name them that!!!  But one day I will post the recipe!  (it’s a craaazy recipe because there are Oreo’s in the brownie!!) yikes!

In the meantime, Jimmy tells me he has a meeting at Morton’s Steakhousetonight and I was welcome to  come if I would like.

Seriously?  If I would like?  I would like to crawl over the table and grab a huge steak and loaded baked potato!  That’s what I would like!

So I texted Mikey to see if I qualified for a piece of grilled chicken and a salad, no dressing.  He must have been thinking of something else because he said, ‘YES!’

Can you believe it?  I was more excited than those people on the commercial, “He went to Jared!”  (which is funny by the way, because our waiter/bartender is named Jared and I think of that everytime we go in there).

Since I’m not a drinker, I happily order a little sparkling water.  (this makes my hubby happy because he has a forever designated driver)!!

 The people at Morton’s are soooo good to us!  The AZ Cardinal game was on, but Jimmy also wanted to know about the Denver Broncos, so Hurley (tonights bartender/waiter) pulled up the football game on his cell phone and let Jimmy watch it!  Ha!  They are awesome and the food is ridiculously good.

I ordered grilled chicken with steamed green beans!  Yummy!!!

  Yes there are THREE chicken breasts there, BUT I only ate one.  The beans are also there with some garlic……….ummmm….it was good.  Then I glanced over and saw this and just wished….

 He kept it waaaay on the other side of the table in case I had some sort of potato seizure.  Thankfully I did not.  But it was a wonderful thing to have real food to eat.  I was going a little nutty.

So….I’m ready to get off this bus and get back to the real world of fruits and veggies!  Thankful for my night out and a great weekend.  I hope yours was just as lovely!

Oh…..and by the way….according to my FITBIT, I took 16,132 steps today………and was down another pound!

3 thoughts on “day 4…blaaah..

  1. Ok, so I spend the weekend studying and trying to come up with a lesson from Numbers, I now I see that you’ve been headachey and drinking egg white frothies and got to “splurge” on green beans?? Huy, slow down, wild woman…

    It seems that grace isn’t one of Mikey’s strong suits. I think he needs to work on that.


  2. Peggy, you know whol

    I am very proud of you, knew you could do it. Altho, Stuie thinks you look just great anyway, I know it will make you feel good to lose a lb or two and rememeber if your clothes fall off you, it will be hard ,but you will just have to go shopping. Keep it up, I’m rooting for you. If the Az Cardinals can win you can too.


  3. TK

    ……and Ive been eating, and frolicking all weekend….and ready for a shake or two, or three……but did take a 5 mile hike yesterday.
    Glad you are getting off of that bus, as it was hard to read, and eat at the same time!
    I will be doing the fruits today as cleansers. That is as close as I can get to the yuk that you had.
    Love to you!


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