Day 2….AMBUSH!!!

Wow. Day two….  Where do I begin?  Let’s start with the new word I learned.

Borborygmus.  Big word?  Yes.  Now, let’s ask Wikipedia just what it means.

Borborygmus (plural borborygmi, pronounced /ˌbɔrbəˈrɪɡməs/; from Greek βορβορυγμός) also known as stomach growling, rumbling, gurgling, grumbling or wambling, is the rumbling sound produced by the contraction of muscles in the stomach and intestines of animals, including humans. The word borborygmus refers to this rumbling.[1]

So there you are.  This morning I woke to a borborygmus.  My body was super confused.  So I went downstairs for the morningshakethatisbeginningtotastelikeMaalox drink.  You can see how super excited I was.  Especially since I found out that I needed to be adding SIX EGG WHITES to the drink.

And you can only imagine the plopping  sound it made when I poured it into the blender….

 Kinda makes your stomache borborygmus, doesn’t it?

I dropped in a couple of ice cubes along with the protein powder and and began whirring…..then I turned on the blender.

 There she is.  Filled to the brim with something that is beginning to remind me of the drink prior to a colonoscopy.  But, I had on my big girl panties (no, seriously) and drank it down.

  OH!  Morton’s update!  I finally told Jimmy what I was doing (you know, the 7 Day Dirty Detox) and he was so excited! Excited?   Wait… bad do I ………………..anywho….he was happy that I was doing this and told me to cancel the table and just make him a good deli sandwich.

“Sure, I said” as I drove to Safeway and drooled over the deli meats and trembled as I took the bag of potato chips off the shelf.   So, sandwich made and NO I didn’t taste anything.  Trust me….we don’t want an avalanche of gluttony to end a perfect day.

So, back to the morning.  I added my multivitamin to my list of stuff to take..

   This is actually a tasty vitamin, so I don’t mind taking the 2 tablespoons.      Besides, it’s in a shot glass so it makes me feel so baaaad at 8:00 in the morning.  (It’s called Reviva and I get it at Costco.  Keep refrigerated)

So, Mike had told me that I was to come in again on Friday @10:00am to do abs……eew. I’m not too excited about doing ab crunches….it pulls in my stomach area……

As the morning progressed, I started feeling queasy and then came the headache.  Great.  I can’t deal with headaches anymore…I’m the queen of the migraine and take medication every evening to prevent them.  But I did need to go to the studio to pick up the Egg Protein Powder, so I wouldn’t have to drink 6 raw eggs anymore.  So off I drove.

I pulled into the studio and with my most pitiful shuffle, I entered.  He was training another girl (who by the way had a rockin’ bod) and with my most pitiful look, I whispered, “I have a headache.”

He said, “Good.  Go get on the treadmill.”

Excuse me?  Did you not see my look?  Did you not see the way I messed up my hair when I came in for extra points? HUY!!!

So, I decided, sure.  I will get on your treadmill and I will throw up on its stupid revolving belt.

He put the incline at 11.5% and started the belt at 3.0 mph.  “And no hands!”, he yelled as he walked away.

No hands?  I’m 3 inches from my nose to the belt and I can’t hang on?  (ok, I might have added a little drama with the 3 inch thing.)

So, you see my friends, there WAS no abdominal training today. AMBUSH!   He had me on that blasted treadmill for 45 minutes NO HANDS …………..and when the 45 minutes were up, my headache had subsided and I had burned 505 calories.

However….in the afternoon the headache came back with a friend….stomach issues.  Oh, I hate when those come hand in hand.  During the night my headache got so bad that it actually woke me up.  I blindly went into the bathroom to find drugs…..ANY drugs.  I looked like a meth addict looking for my next fix.  (at least I think that is what I looked like)  I found some migraine meds and snorted them and went back to bed.  Oh…I was hurtin for certain.

This morning the headache is still here…..I don’t know what’s going on.  I think that there is something in one of the protein mixes that doesn’t agree with me.  I will have to check it out.

ALTHOUGH………GOODBYE 4LBS!!! YEP!  Four is gone….so now I have to see what to do next……can’t live with the headaches.  Stay tuned….


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