my challenge, day one…

What?  What did you say, you don’t think I can do this??  A challenge?  Oh, it’s on….it’s on like Donkey Kong.

So, here’s the dealio.  Michael Jodscheidt has a gym in Old Town Scottsdale (Jacked by Jodscheidt) and CHALLENGED me to do a SEVEN (that is siete, for my spanish speaking friends) DAY DETOX.

Pffffft……(that is me making a sound that is quite cocky, and also with my hand on my hip)

In retrospect, this is probably a sound I shouldn’t have made…..(although the gesture of my hand on my hip couldn’t be excused because as it turns out, my hip is just OUT THERE) and now I am on a SEVEN DAY DETOX.

HUY!!!  (According to Google Translate, that is spanish for YIKES!)  But I’m game for losing a large amount of tonage.  So I also agreed to let him give me a teeny tiny little workout to go along with the detox.

HUY!!! Ok, what part of teeny tiny did he not get? I thought I was going to die…..but was afraid I wouldn’t!!!!!!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  I was swinging ropes, pushing weights, rowing and sniveling like a baby girl.

Doesn’t he realize that I have organs swinging around inside of me?  These legs are 52  42…..and my buns??? Shouldn’t we go easy on the buns?  OUCHIE!

What happened to the Jack Lalanne approach?   Jack did those cute little jumping jacks and sometimes touched his toes…..well, people….                                                        Jack is DEAD and Mike is JACKED!!   HUY!!!

Mike has a Victoria Secret workout for the younger women and I’m not entering for any body building competition, so I asked if I could be in a new category…..I’ve decided I want to be scary skinny  (joke, people)

So, I’ve decided to blog the next 6 days of living on power shakes and dirty Tang.  (I’ll explain later)  First we did a weigh in and NO!!  You don’t need to know the start weight because I be embarassed and would have to move to another state.  BUTT…..(pun intended) I will let you know how much fat falls off…..and it will fall off.

So, let’s start with the shakes…

This is the protein shake I’m using with water……I’m drinking this about 5 times a day.  It’s vanilla and pretty yummy.  no complaints.

This is the fruit and veggie supplement that I add to orange juice.  Notice the brand?  Hmm?  That’s Mikey’s.

I use one scoop and add it to some Reduced Sugar Orange Juice.  This is not a bad taste….but it does look like green mud…with Tang added.  Not too bad, if you like green mud….and it turns out that I do.

I’m supposed to add 1 Tablespoon of the flax oil, twice a day, but so far….I forgot.  HUY!!!  (by the way, I hope you aren’t pronouncing the “h”…just the “uy”)

Yep….looks like green mud to me!!

So, it’s time for another shake….and I’m getting a bit of a headache.  Can I do this?

Jimmy is on his way home from Tucson, and he asked me to call Morton’s Steakhouse and save our table…..he doesn’t know about the detox and I just couldn’t burst his bubble.  So, I will go….and I will drink my normal Perrier Water……

The workouts are hard, the trainers are good and the motivation is there.  It’s time…..I would encourage others (misery loves company) to train with me because no one would believe how hard it is unless they are doing it….I’m actually excited to be a part of the program….although once I think I saw him watching me and he tilted his head to one side, squinted his eyes and mumbled, “hmm…how are we going to get THAT off….”

This is going to be a really big challenge……….for both of us!


One thought on “my challenge, day one…

  1. Hooo-wee girl (yes, I’m proNOUNcing that “h”) — that is some NASTY jank, rite there!! Mikey should change the name to “Grossed by Jodscheidt”

    Wait, that last name is… GERMAN. And therein lies the problem. They are all about making you think that torture is a good thing. “just say no” to the Jodschedit YES to the James (and a big meaty slab of Morton’s)


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