oh yeah…the OTHER ranch…

We’ve been having so much fun up at the ranch in Wyoming, that we forgot about some land we have here in Arizona!  Ok, maybe forgot is the wrong word.  How about….just kept making payments and didn’t go back out to see it in over a year…..Yes.  That’s much better.

We’ve  got a “high desert” thing going on near Prescott!  We bought the land about 7 or 8 years ago, and just haven’t built the house yet.  After going out there today, and realizing it’s only a do-able 2 hour drive….it’s back on the front burner now!

It’s about 42 acres and from the front entrance, it is a one mile walk to the back.  I took this picture after we walked to the back of the property (where we would like to build…someday) and can you see the little white speck in the middle of the picture? that is our truck…..parked waaay over there…

Two great things about the property.  The fence (which is the only thing we have done) and the railroad tracks that border the property on the east side..I love trains and it is a ‘ribbon rail’ so there isn’t a clackety-clack thing happening.

Now I won’t even repeat what my hubby calls this mountain….(sigh)

                                            Here is a a general store…

And that is what my son loves about the area…..the skull….. (insert another sigh here)….boys!!

Hopefully we will decide to do something soon because it is a beautiful area and not so far as Wyoming!  Or maybe we’ll just wait until the cows come home…

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