help! our tv is killing us…

  • “Statistics show there are more
    televisions per household than children.” Nancy Campbell

Wow…could that be more powerful?  We are empty nesters and I’m not too proud to admit that there are 5 tv’s in our own home!  That doesn’t mean necessarily that they are turned on, but it is still not something I am so inclined to tell others (although my hubby does love this)…

Have you looked at the statistics out there regarding television watching?  They are staggering…California State University did a study and found that:

  • Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5
  • Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television:  1,680
  • Number of hours per day that TV is on in an anverage US household:  6 hours, 47 minutes
  • Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day:  70
  • Percentage of 4-6 year olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television:  54
  • Hours per year the average american youth spends in school:  900 hours

The survey goes on and on….mentioning obesity, tv addiction and other serious health problems.  Maybe it’s time we turn off the set and unplug our phones and computers and … I don’t know…talk….go outside….cook a dinner….there are a multitude of things that we could be doing!

However, let’s remember…there is nothing wrong with a television set.  There are good programs, there are church programs and we all watch sports, news and weather right?  But it is very easy to become desensitized by the things that are shown on television that are unholy.

As christians, we should be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” Romans 12:2.  The impact of television in our lives is more of what we do with it.  We can use it as a tool or we can let it control us.

Bottom line……let’s spend more time with our kids and grandkids, playing and cooking and listening…..we might just like it!!


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One response to “help! our tv is killing us…

  1. I used to be a semi TV junkie with a lot of guilty pleasure shows. After starting my own business and working from home–I canceled cable both to save money and to increase productivity. I’m surprised by how little I actually miss it. Sure there are some shows I wish I could turn on, but the internet has made up for a lot of that!


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