Paloma turns 3……

Oh my….we have had quite the birthday!!!  Paloma is officially 3 years old….

I had to ZOOOOM home to be there for the GRAND party…..(thank you, Jesus, for letting me miss the Chuck E. Cheese part earlier in the day)

And thank you, Delta, for being a VERY BIG PART of my delay…..anywho….back to the party…

There is mama (Becky).. and the girls…

Erin and Papi…

(Papi is too busy for kisses)…

Presents, cake and swimming!!!

EVERYBODY loves to swim with daddy (Chris)!!!!!

I’m so glad she finally turned three……

Two?       It’s SOOOO yesterday….



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2 responses to “Paloma turns 3……

  1. Sooo precious!! So where is the Paloma-sized Barbie Jeep? (As behind as I am, that might be soooo 1998!)


  2. Please!!!! That was SOOO TWO YEARS AGO!!! (Sofia got a ‘real’ ATV for her 3rd birthday…’s at the ranch…and kinda for me….) 🙂


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