orphans in Ukraine…

Oh, my friends.  This one is tough…….

I was looking at sites for special needs kids for additional resources in writing my book….

I came upon this website…

This is only for the brave….and it will change the way you pray…CAN YOU WATCH to the end?  Please…

EVERYONE deserves

to be somebody..

to Someone…

My prayer today is that we reach out to those who are in need……www.hiskidstoo.org

2 thoughts on “orphans in Ukraine…

  1. tk

    Oh Sandi, that is why I am involved in Because We Care Ministries in Nicaragua. Don Gillette heads up this program . Ron and I have both been to Nicaragua. This dear couple has a heart for missions, definitely outside our comfort zone. They as well as BWCCM are on FB! I WILL BE GOING BACK, as I left part of my heart there!


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