the adventure…

Oh boy….what a day!!!  Clyde and Rea took their very favorite neighbor…

me, to the towers that are waaaaaaaayyy over there…(yes, I am a bit wind-blown and Rea took my picture and didn’t chop off my head!  Hooray!!!)

Ok, see the mountain with the teeny tiny bit of snow on it?  Yep!  That’s where we were!

let’s just say that today….we were high.

We even had a picnic and Rea remembered EVERYthing that could possibly go into a picnic.  There were ham sandwiches, pickles (dill and sweet), chips, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, cupcakes, candy corn, caramel corn, fig newtons, carrots, granola bars, protein bars……we had everything times three.

Little nervous when we got in the car and there was rope, gloves and a gun….

I thought, “Hmmm….did Jimmy tell them to leave me in the forest?” …..Possibly… but don’t worry my friends…I would find my way back home eventually.

The drive was beautiful….hard to capture the beauty in pictures…

Each time we stopped, Clyde would pick us flowers!  How sweet was that?  (they were surely for Rea, but I can pretend they were for me too!)

Then we saw two hawks sitting together on a tree…not IN a tree…ON a tree…


Finally!  The towers!  We ate lunch, stared at the beauty and made our way back.  I can’t thank them enough for showing me around……this place is gorgeous (and they know all the back roads!!)

And see that snow topped mountain in the middle?  The Grand Teton!!

Now for a shower, and bed………’s been a great day…

2 thoughts on “the adventure…

  1. LOVE that!! Glad you got a little break from the voices in your head. Mine nearly drive me crazy sometimes!!

    Wow it is SO georgeous there!! What a blessing!! (assuming you don’t get hog-tied & left for dead)


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