going home…

I don’t know which is … homier….city life in Phoenix (which I’m used to)… or the country life in Freedom, that I’ve grown to love!  Well, let’s see…..city…

OR…. country …

Ok…that first little guy was about 6 feet off our porch….chillin’.

And I KNOW that I said that I wouldn’t be doing any blogs while I was here at the ranch, since I’m supposed to be CONCENTRATING on writing this BOOK!!!

But sometimes, things are just so stinking pretty, that I just have to jump up and take a picture.  So, for the next couple of weeks I will be doing just that.  Jumping up, snapping pics and then sitting down and trying to focus……

Please.  How can I concentrate?????

So….yes, I’m loving both….(and I can shop online….)

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