the swim meet…

Oh boy!!!  We’ve got a swimmer, people!  Yesterday was Sofia’s first swim meet….just one day after her 6th birthday!!

Boy, this was going to be the thrill of my day!  We got to the pool early (because we are grandparents and that’s what we live for) and tried to figure out the best seat…..finally deciding to stand..

First came the relay…but wait!  They need a timer!  Someone that can be fair and balanced….

Well, hello there Papi!!!!  You’ll make an awesome timer…..(remember, she’s in the pink swim cap)

So, they gathered for their team cheer…

And waited for their turn!!  Nani was so excited to see her ANGEL getting ready!!!

And she’s off!!!  Lane one!!  GO, SOFIA, GO!!!!


WOO HOOOOOO!!!!  She made it! ♥♥♥♥ AND she got a ribbon!  (by the way, when she got out of the pool, she was awarded the BLACK ribbon that said, SEVENTH PLACE!  And she ran to me to tell me that she was so happy because (and I am quoting)  “Nani, black 7th means FIRST place!”  Of course I had to be happy with her…. (as I tried to do the math in my head)….

Later came a GREEN ribbon that said SIXTH PLACE, and finally another BLACK ribbon….which was 7th/1st place….however you want to look at it.

All I know is that Nani and Papi couldn’t have been prouder!!  And, yes, this little one wanted to jump in the pool……

All in all….there was sweet victory!  She did AWESOME for a little girl that started two weeks ago!  We are looking forward to many, many more victories!!!!  Nani and Papi are SOOO BLESSED!!!♥

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