random ranch…

Sometimes it’s just best for me to … be out of the way…

It’s time to put the exercise equipment together and I’m hearing some mutterings and words that I have never heard before!

It seems that if you are not the person that took the exercise equipment apart….then you might not know how it goes back together again.  However, you shouldn’t point this out to the person that is trying to put it back together again.  In fact…you shouldn’t speak or even be in the room.

So, I decided to go take pictures.  Happy pictures.

Then I went back to check on things…

Hmm….maybe I shouldn’t ask about these extra parts…..it’s probably best for my health…..So, back to pictures…

If you wait long enough…the equipment will be magically fixed!!

View isn’t too bad either!!  But now, it’s time for us to clean the toys!

And when I say, “we”…….. well, I think you can figure it out……(here’s a hint:  not me)

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