trees and knuckleheads…

Looks like the tree people are finished.

Nate pulled up with his big fancy trailer and he brought the Knuckleheads.  The Knuckleheads are the two guys that help Nate.  I’ve decided that I won’t ask why…and I decided not to take a pic of them in case they want to remain anonymous..

So they planted, mowed and did a little weed-eating.  I like the Knuckleheads…they do good work.

Ok, I can’t stand it anymore.  DON’T TELL!!!  There are the Knuckleheads with Nate…..(Nate is talking to one KH while the other KH comes onto the scene)  but I’m not one to gossip, so you didn’t hear it from me.

                                     Good job, Knuckleheads!  Bravo!


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