wacky weather…

We woke up to snow this morning…..and yes, that is disappointment you hear in my voice letters….but I was so happy that Jimmy and his buddy, Nathan made it safely…here they come!!

That means the treadmill, eliptical, weights and all the crap  awesome exercise equipment is here too!!  So, I guess that means that even when  it is raining….I now have no excuse.

So we decided to take a spin on the Artic Cat out into the Caribou National Forest … but then we got in a pickle.  And I had no camera, but you simply have to trust me….See the farthest mountain there near the top?

Well, that, my suspicious friends, is where the battery went dead….it really does look farther .. but we figured that it was a 5 mile walk back to the ranch.  When we were on the top of that hill we could see our house…but that didn’t do much for morale.  So we walked….through the creepy, HAILING, forest all the way back to the ranch.  Thankfully for all of us…I had my sense of humor intact.  (Jimmy wasn’t as thankful…hmm…)

There had been so much rain that the roads have some “issues” out here.  We are having our own little mini landslides!

                                                                                                                                               Looks like I got a LOT of work to do…….(after dinner…but then it will be bath time…and jammie time…sooo, maybe tomorrow…


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