back in the saddle…

Ok, not so much saddle, but I did make it back to the ranch.  Last night I got to the ranch at about 9:30pm….creepy time…stayed up until midnight and  had the hardest time trying to go to sleep.

This morning I woke up ready to rock and roll!  That is code for clean….but first I had to peek outside and get some pics…..remember…it was last month when we took pictures of about 5 feet of snow….now…

      not so much!

Looks like the garage made it without any snow damage.

                                                But it looks like it’s about to rain…..again…

                                                BUT…..before I go….check this out!!  My neighbors heard me whining and brought me a little something….since Jimmy is driving our truck up here from Phoenix…….I’VE GOT WHEELS!!!!  WOO HOOO!!! MANY THANKS, CLYDE AND REA!!  

                                                 Tomorrow I might just have to swing into town…  (that’s how I talk now) … maybe chat with the locals, grab the mail….and….well, then I might come back and nap.  It’s a rough life here…just me and the elk, who by the way are thoroughly enjoying eating our grass….(grrrr)

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