surviving restaurants…with children…

I love the fact that our kids are OLD!  Now, wait a minute…. not THAT old, because that would start to age me….but since our youngest is now 26, I don’t have to decide if I want to take them to a restaurant or have a complete root canal.

NOW…it’s THEIR turn……So for those of you that remember what it was like taking your young children to a restaurant, here is the conversation that I remember….


  • “No one else in the history of the world has refused to eat potatoes”
  • “Sit up.  Do not rub your head on the tablecloth.”
  • “Just leave it on the floor.  You may not climb under the table”
  • “Get your hair out of the ketchup, please”
  • “Wipe that on your napkin…not your shirt.”
  • “Stop pointing. We will talk about fat people, baldness and amputations when we get home.”
  • “I refuse to believe that there is nothing on your plate that you like”
  • “You have your own chair.”
  • “Do not kick your brother/sister under the table.”
  • “Do not play with your silverware.  They are not your antennae.”
  • “Well, at least you tried it.  Spit it out in your napkin.”
  • “We’ve been to the bathroom twice.  It’s not an adventure, you know.”
  • “I do not believe you will die of thirst before she brings your water.”
  • “Where are your manners?”
  • “Do you ever want to eat in a restaurant again as long as you live?”
I’m quite sure that I am missing sooo many more….Please feel to add your own in the Comment section….and put down the chopsticks, they are not drum sticks……do you want to sit in the car??

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