hey! tennis tuesday!!

Ahh…..another thrilling tennis class.  A class filled with children that would rather chase a butterfly than a tennis ball.  A class where waiting in the line to hit the ball takes (and you have to say this with drama) FOREVER!!!  

After seeing who could hit the tennis ball over the roof of the building when the instructor isn’t looking……it finally came time to hit the ball….

Ahhh….perfection achieved!!!  After tennis, I took Sofia home and brought some dresses, shorts, tops and sandals (woo hoo!!!) to my two little easter eggs and they were so excited!!  But quickly they decided that Nani had to see them on their bikes.

I’m not sure what YOU wear when you cycle…..but this is how Paloma rolls…a pull-up and red boots..

Papi wants Nani to wear that next time we bike down the canal.  Seriously?  I don’t have red boots…soo….

Oh….by the way, she rides down the middle of the street.  It’s her thang.

So…..I’m off with kisses and happy for another tennis tuesday to come along!!!

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