the weekend…brrrr….

Well, we had a great time in Jackson Hole, this weekend! Can you believe it? It was still snowing because it OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know when to stop. Here we are leaving the airport and going to the hotel. (and no, we didn’t stay at the ranch because there was no way to get up our driveway!)

A bit blurry….since I couldn’t get my DRIVER (aka Jimmy) to stop so I could take a picture…. 🙂

Absolutely ridiculous.  We left 93 degrees…..and entered 29…..what the heck were we thinking?

Somewhere behind that fence….waaaaay up at the top of the hill is the house.  Now….check this out…

here is the house in February of 2011…

And here it is April 13, 2011……

Exactly my point.  Nothing has changed….except that it had stopped snowing in February…but was still snowing in April.  Just the color of the sky is different!

However….the barn is coming along really nice!  The downstairs will be for the “toys”…. ATV’s, etc., and the upstairs will be another family room/exercise room/whatever- else I think of/room.

That’s the downstairs mess…..and now we go upstairs to see if I like the paint color…..and as a matter of fact….I do…(and no, the entire room will NOT be red…just the walls…not ceiling! eek!)

We are taking the treadmill and the eliptical, all the free weights and other equipment to the ranch…..and YES.…I know that there are SOOO many places to walk/run/hike there, but it does RAIN people!  (And snow, as we have witnessed)

Ok, look at one spot on the driveway….this wasn’t even the DEEP part!  It came up to my hips in places!!  Alright, stop looking at my hips…

So crazy……And so far there has been over 500 inches TOTAL in the area……most of it was on the driveway…

But…the house is still awesome and I can’t wait to be there in the summer…..when it is WARM!!!

It’s calling me……….but there has to be TOTAL melt-down before I decide to go back.  TOTAL….

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