Bug in…Bug out….

Ok….I have disgusted you with germs.  I have destroyed your love of going to restaurants.  NOW WHAT???

Settle down…..even as freaked out as I was….I did a little more investigating and found that we can work our way around this nasty world we live in.  Can’t totally FIX it…but we can take some baby steps…

Here are the germiest places….

The Top 10 Germiest Public Places

Playgrounds are not the only public places that call for a good hand-washing after using them. Following are the top 10 germiest places the researchers found (germs are able to survive on these surfaces anywhere from just a few hours to a few weeks).

  1. Playgrounds
  2. Bus rails/armrests
  3. Public bathrooms
  4. Shopping cart handles
  5. Escalator handrails
  6. Chair armrests
  7. Vending machine buttons
  8. Shared pens
  9. Public telephones
  10. Elevator buttons

Grocery carts, escalator handles, gas pumps, the little knob INSIDE the airplane restroom that you used to open the door……(gag) are all filthy.  We know that.  And as it happens, humans have more bacterial cells ON them than we have human cells.  (source: EHow)  However, since we do not want to become housebound, here is a few things we can do….

How to Avoid Germs in Public

  • 1    Be a role model. Teach good hygiene practices in home and in school. Kids learn fast and will mimic hand hygiene habits, especially if a parent or teacher shows them the “why” and “how” they can successfully keep pesky germs at bay. Wash your hands for the amount of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice.  Teach children and adults to cover their mouths and avoid placing their fingers into their mouth or eye.
  • 2    To open the public bathroom door from the inside, grab a piece of paper towel, then dispose of it properly. (Personally, if there is no trash can nearby…then I drop it on the floor…yes.  I AM that girl)  Instead of using your hand to flush a public toilet, use your foot or a dispensable hand towel.  Most grocers provide bleach wipes in the entrance; grab one on your way into the store. Wipe the handle and associated areas and then use another one on your hands.  After visiting a public event where you shook a lot of hands, wash thoroughly before you leave the event. It’s easy to contaminate the steering wheel for the next driver.  On the way home, keep your fingers out of your mouth and do not rub your weary eyes.
  • 3     Wash your fresh produce as if your family’s lives depended upon it. A friendly critter may have left a “gift” on the unwashed produce. Foreign pathogens often hitchhike into the produce aisle.
  • 4      If you favor a Jacuzzi, be sure it has been maintained properly. Upon exiting, take a cleansing soapy, rinse-off shower.    Bleach cannot kill every pathogen.

Read more: How to Avoid Germs in Public | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4854203_avoid-germs-public.html#ixzz1IkqvCj21

HERE’S WHAT I SAY…..Wash your hands….however, don’t wash them so much that you get cracks in your skin.  THAT is where the little critters get in!  Also….take some Lysol wipes with you to work.  Wipe down the keyboard and telephone….and anything else that you might touch.  Wipe down your friends and co-workers.  Keep a “hula hoop” space around you at all times.  NO ONE is allowed to enter your space.  Your friend sneezes?  Douse them with Lysol spray.  Keep spraying in their direction until they leave.  Does the boss ever bring in a client and  you see he wants to shake your hand?  ALWAYS keep files, papers, heavy items in your RIGHT hand and just wave with your left.  If the client sneezes?  Douse him.  Bring your own lunch.  Who knew to bring your own lemons??

Whatever happened to dirt?  Get a copy of THIS book and you will see!!  Dirt is good!  Gross “hand” germs are bad.  I’m going to go outside and roll in the dirt for a while…….no….seriously…

One thought on “Bug in…Bug out….

  1. William D. Smith

    Are you aware that Texas A & M has been given a government grant to determine a method of eliminating bed bugs. Go Aggies


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