cough..sneeze…keeping the bugs away during travel…

Ok…my friends and I just had a loooong flight in March from Philly to Tel Aviv.  We also had some stays in some nice hotels, too…BUT….you just never know what bacteria is lurking around the corner…

I found this article on ‘how not to get sick from a flight’ that you must read…(click the highlighted area)…and then ‘how to avoid getting sick from your hotel room‘ is another article to read.  Whatever you do….do NOT drink from the glass in your hotel room.  DO NOT.  In fact, scroll down to the bottom of the “how to avoid getting sick from your hotel room” page and watch the lovely video…..(and let me know what you think!)

And you thought I couldn’t make it worse???  Check out what Dr. Mercola found:  (yukkkk)……

Restaurant menus

Studies from the Journal of Medical Virology reports germs like the cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours on a hard surface. When dining in a public place, be conscious to not let the menu touch your flatware and wash your hands after you return it.

Lemon wedges

The Journal of Environmental Health discovered 70 percent of restaurants had contaminated bar fruit with microorganisms like E. coli, fecal bacteria, and other disease causing microbes. By opting out of the garnish for your beverage is a good way to prevent ingestion.

Condiment dispenser

Many people do not wash their hands before eating and they can spread their germs to bottles at the condiment stand. When grabbing for the ketchup, a paper napkin is not sufficient due to the abilities for microorganisms being able to pass through.” (Source: ABCnews Feb. 2011)


Face it.  We can’t live in a bubble…but we CAN do things to prevent ourselves from getting sick.

Just some good information for you jet setters!!!

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