ahh…..the swimsuit…

Did you wake up this morning wondering about the history of the swimsuit?  SO DID I!!!! Isn’t that weird?

Well, seems there IS quite a history around this scandalous fabric.  Here is the swimsuit in 1855….(and yes, I think I could rock that)

No worries about sun damage there, huh?

They didn’t want too much ‘EXPOSURE‘…and I do believe that they were quite successful.  Then somewhere between 1915 to 1920, things started to get a little racey…..notice the (gasp) arms showing!!  (no, not the man…the woman!)

Then in 1922, the necklines started to get a teeeeny bit lower…

Here’s another boring picture of a patented swimsuit by Carol Wior….she called it the Slimsuit…..she guaranteed that it would slim the waist and stomache…..(so would not eating so much…but there isn’t a patent on that)…

Men….here’s what we women are struggling with….the swimsuit season. We want to be sure we don’t give off a granny vibe…..we really want that bikini…but without the muffin top….we still want to look good/hot, without being nasty…..oh, we can come up with tons of reasons that the swimsuit season must wait another month….or six.

From the very first warm day of spring….we start to panic.  We try to map out our 4 to 6 week diet plan and exercise routines, but you insist on comfort food.  WE CAN’T DO COMFORT FOOD! It’s time for celery and air……and only sometimes, water!!

We must stay focused on the goal ahead.  Just the very thought of purchasing a swimsuit can cause major anxieties….

So I’m here to offer some help….

1.  Embrace your curves….sure, you’re huge, but who isn’t?  Find a private beach.

2.  Get a tan….big and tan looks better than big and pale.

3.  Lose the fast food…starting NOW.

4.  Banish the Big Gulp….drink water, it’s fun!?!!

5.  Moisturize….nobody, nowhere, no-how likes flaky skin.

6.  Increase the protein and lower the carbs….just do it.

7.  Exercise….getting up and going to the fridge isn’t exercise.

So…start by clicking HERE and give yourself four weeks to fight that flab!  Then maybe go HERE.

Then, add color, add lotion, drink water and GET OUT THERE!!!!!

(for the men viewers…..ha, you thought I’d be posting bikini pics, huh?)  🙂

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