my own personal plan for living off the grid…

Ok….it has recently come to my attention that I do NOT have survival skills.

What??  Have you  SEEN me during the christmas rush at the mall?  People, I can maneuver narrow aisles, side step children that are darting to and fro, and I can easily whip out a credit card in an olympic shopping time.

HOWEVER….could I survive if .… the lights go out?  If the water supply goes bad?  If, God forbid, there were a riot downtown?  Wellll………

Ok….maybe I would freak if the blow dryer stopped suddenly and without warning.  So, here I say, “get a wash and go style.”  (see?  surviving already). But if I had my own solar panels, I would laugh at those who would be waiting for the power to hopefully turn back on….for the millions of people that were still in the dark.

But if the water supply could get any worse than the Phoenix water already….then I would be sure to have a Katadyn Bottle Water Purifier.  So there.  And as for more water,  I would already have a larger filter system.

I would probably trek out to my handy dandy greenhouse to retrieve my organic vegetables…..(still nicely surviving).  And I would possibly be wearing a darling sun hat, because of freakish UV rays…and carrying a basket to haul in my vegetables.

Maybe I would venture into my basement where I had LOTS of stored food! I would have books on root cellars and how to store food in them and would have so much knowledge that it would give me a headache.

SO, DO NOT….I repeat……DO NOT think that I couldn’t survive………………unless …. a disaster happened after 8pm……otherwise I would be asleep.  So….I’m going to need this particular disaster to come around 7am-ish…..thanks.  And I’m going to need plenty of my expensive cosmetics.  There is no need to go into a disaster ugly. We aren’t animals, you know.



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3 responses to “my own personal plan for living off the grid…

  1. William D. Smith

    Now I know what to get you for your birthday, a subscription to MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Just the thing for canning and freezing all the vegetables that you will be raising in your garden.


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