is it time to bug out…don’t push me!

Ok…..I think it’s time to learn about canning my own food. Surely I could figure this out….(and don’t call me Shirley).  In fact, after reading about our lovely FDA program….I believe I shall start NOW.

Did you know that there are (get this) acceptable levels of maggots found in US canned tomato juice, up to two whole maggots per 100 grams BEFORE the FDA sees a problem and gets involved?

Did you just gag?  Me too….Oh!  Here’s another precious fact….Up to 45% of a company’s ketchup samples can contain mold before the FDA cares.  And if you are eating raisins?  You better be on the lookout for flies and fly eggs, because they are also allowed in small amounts, according to the FDA rules. (found from

This is just wrong on so many levels.  We’re not even going to talk about the acceptable levels of mammalian feces found in peanuts and sesame seeds.

So this chick is going to start canning.  I may even can things that can’t be canned.  I might even can my home and my children.  (that is going to be a tough one since the youngest is 25)

So I looked for some simple canning websites and came up with a few!  Here they are (for those of you that don’t particularly care for rodents walking around in your food)

These are a few helpful websites.  You can save money, eat healthier and feel good about what you are serving your family.

Sorry, FDA…..just not feeling the love… And, FDA, if you keep messin’ with me, I’ll start my own garden …. yeah, you heard me.  Unfortunately, right now I can’t start my own garden….BUT DON’T PUSH ME!!!  I have info on DIY SOLAR PANELS TOO!!!  I can live off the grid……i think…..

(signs off mumbling….)

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