tennis and taco tuesday…

Oh, it’s official.  Tennis is ON.

And it’s all about attitude……and game…..

And outfit….of course…

She had her game face on and gave it a good swing!

SCORE!!!  Good one, Sofia!!!  And then occasionally I got distracted by this….

And a little bit of this…

But I regained my focus only to see THIS!!!!

OK…THAT’S IT!!!! TENNIS IS OVER!!! As it turned out, tennis WAS over and I gave that little hooligan the stink eye….

So off to Nani and Papi’s house for tacos.  Bret got a beautiful makeover…

While Erin (only the most beautiful daughter EVER) and Becky played around in the kitchen!!

So…..nani and papi had a TORNADO of a mess to clean up.  WHY???  Because a princess doesn’t CLEAN…

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