loads of kids books…

I love children’s books.  I have so many, whether it be from my younger days, or from my own kids or even now….the grandkids!  But every now and then I like to go through them and laugh at the stories….and I don’t remember them even being that funny!

Just the titles are fun!  I like these titles..

“The Weiner Dog Magnet”,  by Hayes Roberts

“Whales on Stilts” by M.T. Anderson

“Nasty, Stinky Sneakers” by Eve Bunting

There are SO many books out there for kids.  Lots have a moral ending, like “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle”.  Looks like this old woman wasn’t very grateful….and got her wish!

Whatever happened to Aesop”s Fables?Do people still read Jack and the Beanstalk?  Remember the Teeny Tiny woman that lived in a teeny tiny house, in a teeny tiny village?  Bret LOVED that story!!  Now, the popular story is The Gas we Pass….(sigh)…

I’ve decided to go through the books and pull out some that have an ending that can teach my grandbabies values!  Wow….wouldn’t that be a great thing!  I want them to learn about human virtues and even our own foolishness! (hmm….me?  foolish?)

Time to clean off the shelves and get reading!

Hmm….wonder if THIS one is good?? 


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One response to “loads of kids books…

  1. Gramals or Nanas have loooottts of love to give.
    Please share all the great books.. I love reading books with my lil’ darlings!


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