the power of sin…

This devotional is from Lifeway…..and I found it to be spot on….

Read Ahead: Proverbs 14:8-12
Fools mock at making restitution, but there is goodwill among the upright. Proverbs 14:9, HCSB
One of the biggest mistakes Christians make is to underestimate the power of sin. We don’t like to admit when we sin, because then we have to make amends for it or change our behavior. So we rationalize that we haven’t really sinned at all.
First, we find a better name for it. Sin sounds so old-fashioned. So harsh. Let’s call it a “mistake” or a “habit” or a “lapse in judgment.” That sounds better.

Next, we build a case to explain why we did it. “Everyone else was doing it.” “I didn’t think anyone would get hurt.” “It wasn’t my fault.”

Finally, we de-emphasize the fallout. “People are too uptight these days.” “They need to stop being so sensitive.”
It comes down to a control issue. We don’t like being told what to do. We want the freedom to make our own choices. But we fail to understand one thing: We don’t control sin. Sin controls us.
Sin is any attitude or behavior that goes against God’s desires. He wants us to be free from the guilt, shame, and consequences of sin. But as long as we refuse to take sin seriously, we’ll never experience life the way God desires.
Don’t be afraid to see sin for what it is. Don’t allow a distorted view of sin to rob you of the life God intends for you. Ask God to tell you how you can make amends.
What sins in your life need to be exposed for what they are?
Read Up: Romans 6:16-23, Galatians 6:7-8
This devotional is courtesy of TQ.

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