I can’t even remember where the heck we are anymore!!!  These are 17 hour days, people!!!  But I will say that I know we are still in Israel.  And unfortunately we go home tomorrow.  So…no post tomorrow since our flight will be at 12:55pm…..eek!  But THANKS to my WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL husband, I have the luxury of being in First Class going home and I am going to sleep like a baby!!!

Ok…where were we?  After the Holocaust Museum, it was all downhill for the rest of the day for me.  So here are some highlights from there…

We went to (and this is not in order…I’m grasping for some memory here) to the Southern Steps and over to the Dung Gate.  (stop it. .. that is it’s name.)

And those are the original stones too, people!  Isn’t that amazing?  This is over near the south side of the Temple.  We are walking on the same steps that Jesus and the disciples walked.  CR-AAA-ZZY!!!

Mind blowing….

Susan, myself and Anita enjoying the sunshine (not knowing that it would be freeeeeezing cold and rainy for the last two days!)

Next we went to the Temple Institute and got to see where they are making some of the instruments for the third temple and how they are following the Bible EXACTLY (Exodus 25-28)  They have made the gold Menorah (see pic) and have even made the garments that the High Priest will wear.

I was interested in what the girl was saying about rebuilding the Temple, yet saddened at the same time because she does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah.  She  believes that the Messiah is yet to come…..(sigh)

It’s a little blurry because she was quite animated, but you can see the mannequin in the background wearing the priestly garments….well, you can kinda see him.

Next, on to St. Peter in Gallicantu.  This is a church that is overlooking the Kidron Valley and is built over the traditional site of the house of the high priest, Caiaphas.  Jesus was betrayed and arrested in the Garden of Gethsesame and was brought to his house.  Here is where He spent the entire night and it was also the scene of His first trial. (Matt 26:57-63, Mark 14:53-65, Luke 22:63-71, John 18:12-14)  Remember that Peter denied Christ THREE times before the rooster crowed?  Well, this is where the whole thing went down…

The church was built by the Assumptionist Fathers in 1931 and these steps in the hillside are believed to date from the time of Christ.  This pathway is the shortest way from Gethsemane to the upper city and is believed that this is EXACTLY the steps that Jesus walked on………..wowsers..

What’s really cool is that when I went in 2009, we were able to walk down those same steps that Jesus walked on and now they have blocked it off so no one can do that anymore.  But I did….so… yo’ face!

This is the Dungeon/Pit where they brought Jesus after He was arrested.  We had a reading from the Bible and a prayer and it left us all with chill bumps.  I had to touch the walls, wondering if this is where Jesus also laid His hand….

I leave you with that feeling….very emotional knowing that Jesus was being held in this tiny pit……

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