israel…day 3

Wow.  Information overload!  I didn’t even get around to telling you everything we did yesterday and am excited to even tell you about today too!

But first…..SORRY I couldn’t post more pictures yesterday!  I was SO upset that my computer had no battery and it was late and EVERYONE in the hotel was on the free Wi-Fi thingy.  So, where were we?

OH!  Baptisms in the River Jordan.  Weren’t those little marmut (beaver looking things) CREEPY???  They were floating everywhere, but that didn’t stop us from baptisms!!!

Isn’t that awesome?  Look how many people are getting baptized!  It was a very special time and the water was very cold…..

Next we were on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.  This is my favorite place (other than the city of Jerusalem) because most of the miracles that Jesus performed are in and around this area.

It is such a peaceful area and was one of everyone’s favorite part of the tour.  We boarded our boat and had Michaelangelo and Don sing, while Jeff gave a brief sermon.   This picture is dedicated to my friend, Glenda!!!  Woo Hoo!

Here is a picture of the North side of the River Jordan…where it comes off (ok, actually UNDER)  Mt. Heron and flows into the River Jordan.   Not too many people get that picture but we made our tour guide pull over and let us get out!  (Thanks, Sameer!)

THEN…..and this is really cool…..when Jesus healed the two demon possessed men and drove the demons into the herd of pigs.  (Matthew 8:28-34) Well, people…this is the cliff where those pigs rushed down the steep bank and into the lake!  Because they put in a road, the cliff isn’t as steep….but it’s still a really cool place.

HA!!  I never noticed that someone is sitting at the bottom of the picture!  (But I don’t think it is a demon possessed man or pig…soo…it’s cool…)

It was sooo beautiful at sunset.  We also visited the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount and Megiddo which dated back to 4000 BC.  The city owas fortified by King Solomon and was made one of his chariot cities.  It  consists of TWENTY layers of civilization…each one built upon the last!  Isn’t that crazy???  We entered on the 11th level, and to put it into perspective, King David’s reign was on the 16th level.  Hmm…..where were the elevators, I wondered?

Well, we went down, down, down to the lowest level  where there was a water shaft.  It was there way to get water to the Kings palace without leaving the city walls.  There are 183 steps leading down into the 120ft shaft to a tunnel that stretches another 215 feet….(Once I got down there, I found this RED BUTTON …..BUT I didn’t push it….and it took every thing in my body, because I really wanted to see what it would do…) For some reason I can’t download that picture of my finger hovering over the button!  O Well!!!

I will leave you with the city lights of Jerusalem!  It is SOOOOOOO gorgeous here and we are in our final hotel in Jerusalem.  It’s late…and I have to go to bed!  I can’t wait for you to see everything!!!

We are kissing you good night!!!!!

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