israel…day 2

Shalom!!  Guess who finally got some sleep?  However, I woke up at 2:30am listening to birds singing…who sings at 2:30 in the morning??  Anywho…my favorite story for the day was when my friend, Janet and her son Ryan, woke up at 3am, because Ryan said, “Mom, it’s time to get up!”  So, (without checking) she got up and got in the shower and washed her hair, etc…When she came out of the shower her son said, “Oh, my bad mom…that was Phoenix time…”  So she got back in bed with wet hair until breakfast time.  HA!  That made my morning…and here they are!

He looks verrry proud of himself!!!  So, morning was beautiful here…and we (Susan Stilwell and I) decided to go for a walk…

I don’t know if you can read the sign, but it pretty much says, “No climbing”….weird that I was climbing, huh?  I’m normally so good with rules….So we started out to the Bet She’an ruins.  This was a city that was founded in 5000 BC (before Christ) and the first inhabitants were the Canaanites.  It was a center of commerce and Alex the Great swooped through and re-named it Scythopolis (like THAT is an easy to say name…)

There are two main archaelogical sites, the city and the tel (which is the archaeological mound) AND there are 20 layers of civilizations!!! One on top of another!  Wowser!!

There were bath houses and what you are going to see are these little pillars that had a marble floor on top of them, and the slaves would heat the fires and the water would rush in under the marble floor and would create a sauna or would it would flow into the other parts of the bath house and became a wet sauna!  Cool, huh??  Here it is..

That should interest my plumbing hubby…

Next we went to the Jordan River for some baptisms…I got baptized in 2009 (actually, I was baptized when I became a christian at age 7) so since I did it again in 2009, I decided to be a bystander.  It’s so very beautiful and emotional at the same time, knowing that this is where Jesus was baptized.  However….here’s what I saw…..hold on to your robes here, people….this was swimming where people were being submerged….(insert shiver here)……

I am sooo sorry that I have to stop here!!  My battery is at 10% and is about to go out!!! SO MUCH MORE TOMORROW!!! SHALOM!!!

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