israel…day one

WE MADE IT!!!! We boarded in Phoenix and got a nice flight to Philly.  Ok, “nice flight” is code for “old plane with no movies”.  So…once in Philly, we had about one hour before we had to go BACK through security, which is code for “darn it, we have to take our shoes off again?”.

Ok… it was time for COACH from Philly to Tel Aviv.  That was so BRUTAL!!!  Ok, people, I admit it!  I am a princess…..remember the story of the princess and the pea?  Well, there was a huge pea under my seat, which by the way, reclined 2 inches.  It was another old plane, with old flight attendants and old food……can you tell I haven’t slept for about 15 hours???  Everyone on the plane was snoozing except me….THEN the guy next to me took off his shoes and then our row smelled like butterscotch.  Yeah, I know….gross huh???

So here are some Tel Aviv airport pics (I am not in any of them because I look like a troll)..

That was a bunch of us waiting for the luggage…

This is Anita and her triple personalities…and it’s possibly my fav picture so far….

That is our tour guide, named Raouf……It’s just easier for me to call him Ralph.  Plus, I’m really tired and a bit cranky.

He said that there are more Jewish people in New York, than there are in Israel.  Imagine that?  This was our drive from Tel Aviv to southern Tiberias….very green and very pretty…

Ok, that wasn’t really green, but you have to take my word for it.

So after a TWO HOUR DRIVE IN A BUS…(sigh) we arrived at our Kibbutz….It’s VERY nice and VERY clean!  Look at our room!

Ok…that is all for tonight…..I am SOOOO SLEEPY!!!  Tomorrow we will be on the Sea of Galilee….I can’t wait.  I love you ALL!!!

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