Ok, my peeps!!  Tomorrow we leave for Israel!  I am going to be taking my laptop so I can download pictures and you can see what I see….

I’m excited.  I have packed, un-packed, re-packed and then started over again, about 6 times.  I think I might have finally accepted what I am going to be taking.

Today I will spend the time cooking for Jimmy….although he knows and I know that he will be spending the evenings at Mortons Steakhouse.  So….just in case he doesn’t feel like steak…well, he will have spanish rice, beans, chilaques and tortillas.  That way he can have tacos or burritos….whatever his little heart desires….He’s so easy….

So, wish us a safe journey and because of the time change, there might be a day of no posting…..but you will hear from us soon!!!




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5 responses to “destination…israel…

  1. William D. Smith

    Do not tell any terrorists how cute they look.

    Do not get on a bus with a person who has a large chest which might be explosives strapped around her or him. or it.

    Be very careful and we look for your safe return.

    I love you



  2. Cheri

    Well, I have a few more things to add to Dad’s list…..

    Do NOT fall for men in uniform…no matter WHAT the uniform!!

    Do not overdress. Prada just puts a bull’s eye on you for opportunistic thieves. Less is more!

    Do NOT wear a fanny pack. It screams tourist and also makes you look like you have junk in your trunk! Leave it at home.

    Take the time to learn a few words or phrases CORRECTLY in the country you are planning to visit. Remember what you thought was french fries in France…was actually runny eggs!

    ….and one last thought….“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”. (I think that quote came from James Nieto) 🙂

    Have a wonderful trip. Come back safe and share lots of your experiences with us. I’ll be keeping up with you daily and praying for you more than that.

    I LOVE YOU!! ♥♥♥


  3. HAHAHA!!! Those are SUPERB things for me to watch out for….I’ve already forgotten 4 of them, I’m sure.
    And no Prada? What about a knock off? Hmm?? Luckily I don’t have either…and about the uniform……that’s going to be tricky.
    You crazy cats……be expecting an update soon!!!!! I love y’all!!!!


  4. Sandi, surely your dad and sis know your generous spirit, so the Prada isn’t really an issue because you so sweetly pay the asking price. All thosee needy people in Israel LOVE you and wouldn’t think of taking your money since you regularly open your purse to them and dump it out.

    Because they neeeeeeed it.


  5. They DO NEEEEEEED IT! Poor little things. I’m just trying to do my part…..which BTW, makes it Jimmy’s part….. In fact, on THIS trip, they will see me and say, “SHALOM, OLD FRIEND WHO PAYS FULL PRICE”…….. 😀


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