my prayer for Mary…

Oh friends….I have another prayer request that has been weighing on my heart.

Do you remember me talking about my friend Mary?  She was at home and tripped over one of her little dogs and hit her forehead on a table.  She complained for a bit and then told her husband that she was going to Nordstrom (naturally…) to do some shopping.  He tried to persuade her to stay home but she was determined to go anyway.

Mary went to the store and then collapsed.  The paramedics came and took her to the hospital where she immediately had brain surgery.  This was over a month ago and she is finally out of ICU and into a room.  Yesterday my friend, Glenda, and I went to visit her.

This was so very distressing for me….she cannot move, with the exception of her right arm…and that is very slowly.  I believe that she knew who we were but she cannot speak.  We talked to her and I wiped her forehead and face because she was in a deep sweat….and the room was hot.  Glenda had her iPod and we let her listen to music and she began to cry.

This was heart-wrenching because I did not know how to help her.  I believe the music was something she needed to hear and she was moved by the hymns that we played for her.  We stayed for over an hour and when it was time to go, I asked her if I could pray with her.  There was the slightest nod of her head and so I prayed.

I didn’t think that I could handle my emotions, but God gave me the strength to speak on her behalf.  When I finished praying, I almost burst out in tears….she mouthed, “Amen”.

I was so stressed over the situation, that I went home and got sick.  I wish I were stronger but sometimes my emotions decide which way my health is going to go for the day.  Soo….it went south.  Today I’m dealing with a headache, which is nothing compared to what Mary is enduring….

But, my friends, I believe in prayer.  I believe that God can heal Mary and I am asking for some prayer warriors to stand with myself, Glenda and my friend, Mary  and lift her up.  God is so good and gracious and I am just asking for prayers for strength, peace and healing.

Thank you…..from the bottom of my heart.  I will keep you posted on her health…

6 thoughts on “my prayer for Mary…

  1. Peggy Stewart

    Oh I so know God hears our prayers. Everyday I look at Stu and am reminded of this. Mary will be in my prayers. It is so scarey how quickly our life can change. How wonderful that we have God to be there for us and make us whole again.


  2. Millie Haggard

    Sandi, you are not weak! You went to visit your friend when she needed you and ministered to her. You stayed and prayed…that is not a sign of weakness! It is a sign of strength. Especially since you knew how today would be because of your selfless attempts to encourage your friend.

    I am very proud of you as is Our Lord. Trust me when I say that not everyone is willing to risk the emotional strain that doing something like that does to your body.

    Wear that headache proudly today. You can look at it as a crown for service well done in Our Lord.


  3. Thank you, Millie…that was very encouraging and I appreciate it. I’ve just spent so much time in hospital rooms and know what needs to be done…(not medically)…like telling the nurses to wash her hair, clean up her bed, etc… I only know her through my bible study class, so we have never been that close, but she is really weighing heavy on my heart! I told Glenda that I would like to go there when her husband is there so I can ask his permission to do the ‘girlie’ things for her. That is what I would want, and what I would do for my girlfriends……


  4. Cheri

    YOU weak??? NEVER!!!! You are a radical prayer warrior! I think you had too many memories come flooding in and your feet were on unsteady ground for a moment. We will ALL pray for Mary and her husband and family. Somewhere, God is providing a lesson for someone and Mary is his instrument. We will pray for her strength and her example of faith for someone who knows her or who has contact with her (possibly healthcare field) and you and Glenda should definitely continue to visit and show everyone the power of a RADICAL PRAYER WARRIOR and how through faith and prayer, God changes everything!!! I ♥ you!!


  5. Thanks, sis!!! Yes, it DID bring back some painful memories and it bothered me that she didn’t have ‘that’ person to yell at the nurses and demand better care. The first thing we did when we entered her room is adjust her gown….I hope (God forbid) that I would have that “someone” to adjust me! There are a few other things I would like to do for her…we will have to wait and ask. But right now she just needs prayers…..thanks and I love you too!!


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