what I DON’T know about the catholic faith…

Ok, growing up in the buckle of the southern baptist belt had me a little mis-informed…..There is SOOO much about the catholic faith that I just did not know!

We went to a friends christmas eve mass (yes, Med, on Hoover St) and I got to take pictures of our Sofia, as she was a part of the mass.  She was a ‘bell ringer’.  It’s a VERY important job, as I was later informed, and she did quite well.  But that’s not really why I’m writing….I didn’t realize that Mary was such a……prankster.  (no offense)….but I saw it with my own eyes.

We were at the Coover home and they had set up some chairs in their house to hold a private mass for the family.  We were invited to come and be a part of this tradition and we said, ‘absolutely’.  So we dressed up and walked down to the Coover house.  They had set up an altar and had the grandchildren dressed as Joseph, Mary and the shepherds.  It was great.

The kids did a great job and after the mass we all got up to mingle.  THAT’S when I noticed Mary.  In the corner.

One of the kids had ‘helped’ her find her christmas spirit.

Hmm….Mary had antlers.  I asked one of the guests what was up with Mary and he quickly informed me that it was ‘her’ idea…..and not to tell his parents.  Ok, that would be kinda funny if it were a child … but he is 32 years old and this was his mother and fathers house and I guess every year he does a little ‘something’ with the mother of Jesus…..which made it hysterical to me.  He didn’t mean to offend anyone, he just wanted to mess with his mom and dad.  Gotta love him.  🙂

So….there you have it.  These Arizona Catholics are quite the little hooligans.  Since I’ve still got some baptist roots, I made sure not to stand too close to anyone so nobody thought we were dancing.  (Big no no)

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and a magical christmas morning!!!

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