tell me you did NOT just burp…..

Minding our manners during the holidays…Many of us will be visiting friends and family over the Christmas holidays and let me tell you this….manners do not take a holiday.

Today, amidst all the advances and miracles of the modern age, we have lost sight of the ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and the occasional ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no sir’ that would certainly make our grandparents roll over….if you know what I mean.

Minding our manners is one of the simplest lessons we’ll ever learn, yet it takes most of us a lifetime to master.  I would like to think of it as Social Grace.  From fast food drive thru’s, to drive thru ATM’s, to pay at the pump gas stations, to our fancy texting on our Blackberry’s, we have worked VERY hard to limit our interactions with each other.  So it’s no wonder that we have lost sight of how to behave and treat one another.

Well, my mild mannered friends, today it stops.  We are going to take a crash course in etiquette and it is going to be quite simple, because your etiquette tells more about you than your words ever will.

As a guest in someone’s home for an evening:

  • be punctual, but not early.  (fashionably late is OUT)
  • cancel only if there is an emergency
  • make it a point to speak with other guests
  • offer to help the hostess
  • wear appropriate attire – if you are unsure, ask the hostess
  • do not go to the party sick
  • do not be the last to leave
  • always tell your hostess you enjoyed the evening when you leave
  • call your hostess the next day to tell her you enjoyed the evening and write a thank you note

How to be a good overnight guest:

  • pick up after yourself
  • make up your bed
  • remove your personal items from the bathroom (unless its a private bath)
  • keep the bathroom clean
  • never use the phone without permission
  • always offer to help
  • tell your hosts the exact time of your arrival and departure

Manners are universal.  You have now been schooled.  If your mother or your sister-in-law or  your crazy aunt from Philly calls me and tells me that you were burping or scratching quite inappropriately, then I cannot be blamed.  Of course I am not sure how I would be blamed….but that’s not the point.  BE POLITE.  BE SWEET.  And remember…just because your Uncle Henry laughed after your obscene gastric burping, does NOT make it okay.

Over and Out.

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