if i were stranded on a desert island…

Ok….so lately we’ve talked about spiritual warfare and daily battles.  But NOW…. here is a real PUZZLER.  IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND AND COULD HAVE ONLY ONE ITEM….WHAT WOULD IT BE?? Yes!  Doesn’t this make you want to stay home and work out this puzzle?  You can’t make rash decisions here, people.  Some of you might need to just put your jammies back on and figure this out.

So, sadly, this crosses my mind a lot because it’s generally empty in there and random thoughts happen to roll around in all that space.  I thought that maybe I would want a SWISS ARMY KNIFE so I could fashion a boat out of a palm frond.  OR maybe I would take SUNSCREEN so I wouldn’t burn in the hot tropical sun.  This would make any dermatologist give me a virtual high-five…

Maybe a good book (yes, even the Bible) since I would possibly have an abundance of reading time….although I would require a good commentary to help with some explanation, so that would be item #2, 3, 4 5 and 6….ok that’s out.

Perhaps a pair of fingernail clippers?  There is nothing worse than raggedy nails.  I hate that.  But then I would be focused on my cuticles and would wish for some sort of balm or oil and a hot wax for a quick parafin treatment.  But  I really don’t like doing my own mani/pedi’s, which means I would need someone to do them for me…soo….

I do love my CLARISONIC face brush thingy….although I would definitely need electricity because it can only hold a charge for 10 days.  After day 11 I would be a BEAR to live with.  Trust me, the island would NOT be big enough.

I just got a new Bliss POREFECTOR which is a esthetician’s dream.  But then I would need their toner to go along with it and would also want their facial serum…..see how hard this is???  I told you to miss a day of work….

So…after a little ice cream, I finally figured out what I would need.  And I’ve decided if it CAN’T be a boat (I just made up that rule ) then I do believe a FOUR SEASONS RESORT AND SPA would be the perfect thing to have on my deserted island.

Sure, it’s a deserted island…and I haven’t figured out  the staff issues yet….but I’m positive my thoughts will go rolling around in my head again VERY soon and I’ll work that part out.  Until then….

I should lay down now.  Seriously.

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