the eat all day fest is over…

Ok….I’ve been off the radar screen for the holidays and I must admit….it was quite nice!  I got to spend some wonderful time with the fam!  We had turkey dinner at Chris and Becky’s house and she is a magnificent cook!  Then the next day we went back and my fabulous hubby whupped up (yes, it’s a word) some turkey tacos for a crowd!  On Saturday night we took the girls ice skating downtown!  And where are the pictures of ANY of these memorable events?  Well… have to be smart enough to have  your camera on you at all times.

I have proven to be NOT the smartest knife in the drawer.  See?  Even that wasn’t smart.

SO…..tomorrow starts a new day.  I’ve got a great workout planned and then I’m off to do a little Christmas shopping.  My plan is to go while everyone else is at work.  So, basically I’m going to need all y’all to go to work tomorrow…because I need parking space up front.  Thanks.

Ok.  That’s the plan.  Coffee is set for 6:30am.  Why, since I don’t work?  I have no earthly idea.  I’m just living the dream…..

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