it might make your hair a mess..but put on your helmet.

We’ve almost got all of our battle gear on but let’s not get a HEAD of our selves….It’s time to put on our Helmet of Salvation.  We need to protect our minds. This piece of armor is NOT optional.  You have to wear it.  You have to own it.  You have to have the mind of Christ…..not a good mind…not a mind of sharp intellect, not even a mind of virtue…but the very mind of Christ Himself.  We have to think His thoughts.  And people, we need a BIG helmet.

Satan’s purpose is to confuse you, to corrupt you and to do anything he can to keep you from thinking about God and His purposes for your life.  This is where most of our battles are fought.  In our minds.

Satan wants you to think that you are mentally deficient.  He wants you to believe that something is wrong with you.  You just need to discipline your mind!  Don’t let it run all around in your head all willy-nilly!!  We have to apply principles of discipline to our thought life.  Joyce Meyer says that we need to “think about what we’re thinking about”.

The Roman helmet was a beautiful and flamboyant piece of armor.   In fact, it looked more like artwork than a helmet.  It was decorated with etchings and engravings and was not uncommon for it to be shaped like the head of an elephant or a horse, etc.  On top of that, there was a large brightly colored plume (feathers) sticking straight up!  Sometimes the plume would be very long – long enough to hang all the way down the soldiers back!  It was made of bronze and was very, very heavy.  Nothing could pierce it, not even a hammer.  You definitely noticed these soldiers when they had their helmets on their heads.

We should wear our salvation  as confidently as these soldiers wore their helmets!  When a person is confident in their salvation, he is NOTICEABLE!  If our salvation is not worn tightly around our mind, the enemy will try to chop up our blessings and try to whack away at our spiritual foundation!  We can’t expose our mind to the devils lies.  He knows that if he can gain control of our thought life, then he can influence other areas of our lives…like our emotions.

But guess what?  God gave you a brain and He wants you to USE your mind.  1Peter 1:13, tells us to “gird up the loins of your mind.” Back in the day, people wore long robes…flow(y) robes…so when they wanted to walk fast they would tie their robe up around their waist with a belt.  So they “girded up their loins”.  A girded mind is a mind that is strong, composed, cool and ready for action.  God is saying, “Gather up the loose ends of your mind and get your mind into good shape!”  We can’t let Satan plant seeds of unbelief in our minds because if allowed to grow, we will end up in a hopeless condition.

God did not leave us unprotected.  He gave us a helmet.  And when we wear our helmet we will gain a sound mind and will think differently and act differently.  And isn’t that exactly how God wants us to act?  Set apart?  Let’s have the mind of Christ and fill it with the knowledge of salvation.

Now, grab your armor and come with us to Israel in March, 2011.  This is a fantastic trip and get ready to learn a Lot!!!  Check out for all the scoop and trust me…you won’t regret it!!!

Put on your helmet.  You can brush out your hair later….besides, it really does look good on you!


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