cinderella wears Ugg Boots…

God was gracious to me today and let me skip a horrible headache.  He knew that PJ was coming and in His infinite wisdom…gave me relief.

She immediately came in and got to work in the ‘kitchen’. There was so much sorting and touching to do…

Everything she picked up was prefaced with, “SEE!”  Yes, I see.  (You have to answer or the question will be repeated forever x 3).

I actually thought that we would have a little time of quiet and reading….but this book was thrown to the ground and forgotten.  Next was Bugs.  And each time she would touch one…she would say, “EEEWWWWW!!!”  Yes, even the neighbors got to hear her, I’m sure.

Yes, if you look reeeeal close and listen reeeeeal hard, you can actually hear her squealing!

Next came lunch and a ride to the store.   By the way…. did you know that Cinderella wears Ugg Boots?  Well… you know.

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