wwjd…PART 2…

WWJD.  What would Jesus do?

Before we can ask that question, we have to know WHO He was, WHAT He believed , and WHY He did what He did for us.

WHAT: Jesus believed in One God.  He believed that the Bible was more than just a trustworthy document, He believed it was very Word of God.  Since Jesus is God, and the Bible teaches us that it is God’s Word, then it is HIS WORD.    His use of scripture indicates that He regarded it as inspired , authoritative and infallible.

In John 10:35, He said the the “scriptures cannot be broken”.  As was with Jesus, our TASK is to declare and defend the gospel.  The Good News.

Come with us in March 2011 to Israel.  There is still time to get onboard.  Visit www.medskeens.com for more information.  Let’s keep learning more about the God we serve!


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