want unlimited minutes?…

Guess what????  We’ve got UNLIMITED MINUTES!!!  WITH GOD! It’s true, I checked it out.

There is not a contract, but you are advised to put your faith in Jesus.  Nights and weekends are free and there are no roaming fees!   I’ve even noticed that if I use my minutes wisely, my attitude and my spirit are CHARGED!  Of course you have to plug into The Light….

When I use my minutes, I have a CRYSTAL CLEAR CONNECTION, and never have to say, “Can you hear me now?”  The range is unlimited and I can talk FREE from anywhere in the WORLD!!

When I use this WIRELESS network, I am connected to the SUPERVISOR immediately and am not put through to different departments.  Never am I placed on HOLD or is my call REJECTED.

This is a great calling plan and I would advise all of you to get on my FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLAN. GET CONNECTED!!!


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