my plea…

Sweet friends, I have a favor to ask of you.  My heart is breaking and there is a family that needs our prayers.  I know that I have posted several times about little 5 year old, Mia Foutz.  She had a brain tumor removed in August of this year and has had 4 additional surgeries since.  She had a shunt put into her head to help drain the cerebral fluid, however then came a horrible staph infection.  She had another surgery to have it removed and now just has a drain placed to relieve the pressure.  Two steps forward and three steps back….

I would ask that you go to this website and type in Mia Foutz.  It might also be under Princess Mia.  I am asking this because we need to know how to pray specifically.  This family is very fragile right now and they need our prayers more than ever.  Matt Foutz and Sandra Foutz also have a TWO month old infant and a 3 year old toddler at home.  Family is kicking in and taking the children in shifts and at this time I don’t believe they need any ‘physical’ help.  What they need is a miracle.  They need prayer.

Please don’t turn away.  Please lift up this family.  Matt was just here at our house with Christopher (our son) and he is trying so very hard to keep a brave face.  I wanted to grab him and hold him and tell him that everything will be ok.  He told me that he appreciated our prayers so much and I believe this is a family that needs the comforting arms of Jesus to hold them.

Please just read their story and their blog.  It is updated daily and sometimes two times a day, so you can join me in prayer.  My heart is breaking.  I lived in hospitals for 15 1/2 years and it is so very draining.  This can also put a strain on their marriage and we should keep them covered in prayer also.

She is a little angel and this is hitting a little too close to home…

Please, please, please….

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