my new child…

You probably did not know that I have a child in Tanzania….well, I do!  Her name is Mwanahawa Athumani Rashidi and she is 12 years old.  I chose her from a large group of children, from Compassion International, and have been sponsoring her since August of this year.  (I picked her because we have the same birthday!!)

Yesterday I got my first letter from her!!  She tells me that she lives with her mother and she goes to the Anglican Chang’ombe Student Center that provides her with bible teaching, medical checkups, hygiene education, recreational activities, field trips, school supplies and uniforms.  And I’m helping!!

More than 80% of my donation goes to the program activities for the children and it is wonderful to be able to send letters to the children and they send letters back!  I got a real letter in Swahili!!!  Of course, under her hand written letter is a translation.  But it is very exciting  to know that I am helping this child get her education.  She drew a beautiful picture of her church and sent it along with her letter and that really meant a lot to me.

When we help someone, many times we feel more blessed than the person we are helping.  Our heavenly Father has a funny way of showering us with His love when He sees that we are following His heart and serving others with the love of Christ.

There IS joy in giving!  Check out to see how YOU can help!

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