the scare is over….

Halloween!  I think that if there were no kiddies involved, it would be another day just to stay indoors!!  But the goblins were out (although there weren’t as many this year).

Our bumblebee and our devil were ready for action!

There was a need for chocolate in the devil’s eyes….the bee could take it or leave it, for sure……she’s more into deli chickens.

Daddy was there and so was Auntie Erin(whom they affectionally call ‘Tati’)   And yes, thank you, I DO have gorgeous children….

And let me just throw this out there….ERIN made NURSE OF THE MONTH out of the ENTIRE PHOENIX CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL!!! WOO HOO!!!! AND she has only been an RN for a year now.  So, GO ERIN!!!

Where were we??  Oh, yes, we were trick or treating….and walking right into neighbors homes..

And after one whole street……they were tired and ready to go back to the house and check out what they had….

Becky (dau-in-law)  and Erin in the kitchen:

So it was a good night and there is candy everywhere and hopefully not on my hips……where it usually falls……………..

Goodnite, Bumblebee….Goodnite Devilina…..

Until next year!!!! HAPPY SASSY HALLOWEEN!!!

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